Store interiors which attract the customers

Interior designing is not only an art of creativity but it also is about attracting the customers and lifting sales of a shop specifically. Every store and mall is looking for something – or specifically someone – who can tell the history of their brand through the interiors and define their mission which speaks itself proving to be a much better competition than the others.


If you are also wondering what is the best way to attract customers and compelling them to spend more and more time at your shop then these are a few tips combined by shop interior design Dubai professionals to give you a clear insight of a psychology of a mind of a shopper and how to apply it to your structures.


The first and foremost tip of building a shop is to very carefully design your entry way as this is the time when the customers decide whether they would like to continue shopping with this place, how expensive the material is going to be and if they will find what they are searching for. The answer to these questions lies in your lighting, decor and placements of the object as they are the ones which are noticed first.


Once the customer is in, 90% of them will unconsciously turn their heads to their right wondering what next is to come. This right space or wall in your shop is called a ‘power wall’ which must display not very heavy but accented items attracting the customers towards it like a magnet. Maybe some jewellery or minimal shoes that your store has to offer?


Interior design Dubai experts suggest that don’t make your shop too full of racks, jam packed with shelves not leaving space in between. Customers need to have a walking path which is laid out with directions unconsciously. The best example of these directions are shelves in a supermarket which guides one to the next, their placements are made smartly making the customer want to turn right because that’s where they will find their needed and desired things.


If you have noticed, a supermarket very specifically places sweets and batteries along side shaving kits near a checkout counter so that when you are waiting for your turn, you can look at the tempting offers and be compelled to pick one of them.