Impact of vaping in the kingdom

New regulations and rules set out by the government to vape in UAE is a commendable action on part of the state’s authorities. Making vape in Abu Dhabi legal can prove to be fruitful for heavy chain smokers.

New life for Chains smokers: Use of vaping devices can be of great benefit for a chain smoker in particular. Chain smokers would themselves be doing a great favor by switching to e-cigarettes and at the same time cut down on tobacco consumption or even entirely give up tobacco smoking. The functionality of a vaping device is such that chain smokers find them to be natural owing to their cylindrical shapes and being equipped with a mouth piece to give similar vibes of smoking  a traditional one. 

Reaching out to customers: Policies imposed by the state would determine the sale of vaping devices to customers. Taxes levied on electronic devices is common due to a combination of such products being new in the market and crackdowns on major vaping companies across the world. In order to avoid getting heavily taxed and sell their products to customers, a good vaping company is one that would set up online platforms through various sources. In this manner the customer and retailer gets to evade taxes that are otherwise present in a traditional set up. 

Avoid getting into legal trouble: The onus is on the state to increase awareness of buying vaping devices from legitimate companies operating throughout the states. This can be done through advertisements such as setting up banners or increasing awareness of counterfeit vape products through social media. A lot of emphasis is being placed on legalization of vaping products due to the rise of black markets selling similar products. A legalized vaping product ensures that not only the device is deemed to be authentic but the kits that comes with it too. Laws in the UAE differs from that of Europe and the states, for instance strict policies for selling vaping devices to those aged under 18, vaping in a vehicle with a child around is forbidden, vaping in public places as long as they are designated for such activities and lastly sale of vaping products through vendors should be discouraged. Before buying a vaping device a customer should lookout for a company that is approved by the UAE government to sell electronic smoking products.