What happens if you don’t fill in cavities?

There are often times when we would ask some questions about a hypothetical situation that they would love to hear answers to and this is just one of them. Who wouldn’t want to get their cavities filled, because after all they are a huge sign of unhealthy mouth and decaying tooth.

Consider cavities as the pimple which pops up at the most unexpected time due to neglected diet or poor genetics. They could be hard to treat and cause a serious problem when not managed correctly. Oh, and another very famous characteristic of pimples is that they arise at the most unexpected time and the same can be said for cavities as you wouldn’t know but they could be present there, eating away your tooth.

The whole answer to the question lies in figuring out what actually causes cavities and you would be shocked to know sugar is not what is causing this all. The real reason behind this is your diet and every piece of food that you consume in a day. What actually happens is that whenever you eat something, your mouth produces an acid. This acid does not affect your mouth because the saliva present in there would neutralize it almost immediately without giving space to cavities to stay there. This will not only lead to cavities but also wear away the enamel in it.

The main problem occurs when you prolong eating in different parts of the day. What happens then is that with the prolonged eating, you don’t give your mouth some rest to stop producing the acid and when this happens, your mouth more frequently starts to produce it which creates this loop that never goes back.

This is the reason that many people loose teeth and have to move to the other option of best dental implants in Dubai to hide it and also replace their teeth. Pediatric dentists Dubai have been recommending you to brush and floss daily for two minutes straight not out of fun but to save you from such serious problems in the future because let’s be honest, a pimple can pop up over night but it is due to the several underlying skin problems which you haven’t been focusing on up till now.

So don’t ever think of letting go off cavities just like that but instead get them filled as quickly as possible because the result would be horrible.